Keys of the Origin, Melissa A. Joy

Keys of the Origin, Melissa A Joy

This book was a birthday gift and it’s always exciting to receive a book from your favourite genre by an author you’ve not heard of before, giving you a whole new world to discover.

Melissa A. Joy has undoubtedly invested a lot of her soul into this book, as demonstrated through the creation of a clear and exciting new world, right down to a new language, lore, alphabet, numbers, and even sea shanties. The book comes with a handy pronunciation guide at the back so there’s no debate over how the new language and incredible character names should sound. Characters have their own strongly formed personalities, quickly coming to life in your mind.

Follow the story of Larkh, Zehn and Arcaydia as their fates twists their lives together with consequences none of them imagined. A full tale yet to come of epic proportions involving magic, elves and dragons- not to be missed by fans of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, or for those looking to advance from Harry Potter into a more mature fantasy world. It’s easy to immerse yourself in this fantastic world, rich in detail, and become familiar with the characters as their stories develop and histories are revealed.

The high level of effort and passion put into crafting the story and the investments that have been made are so clear. I cannot wait for the next instalment to see how the story progresses, getting closer to the potential revival of Alymarn and to see how the relationships develop between the trio mentioned above. I will be watching the author’s Twitter page for developments!

Visit the author’s official website.

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